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  This historic steam locomotive with twenty passenger cars, traveled a few round-trip excursions from Hoboken, NJ to Port Jervis, NY in 1997-1998. I recorded CO614 northbound through Suffern, NY in the morning and southbound though Mahwah, NJ in the evening. The Greenbrier 4-8-4 locomotive number 614 was the last commercially built mainline passenger train steam locomotive built in America. It was completed at the Lima Locomotive Works in Ohio in June of 1948 for the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Locomotive #614 is 16 feet tall, 112 feet long, weighs 434 tons, develops about 5,000 horsepower and is capable of running at 120 miles per hour.
For this October 1998 recording I used a left-center-right stereo microphone array. Recorded through a field production mixer to a digital audio tape recorder (DAT).
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origially posted in 2002