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Rick, Paul Antonell, James Earl Jones

 Maui beach Rick
      Recent Productions: invisible spacer
  Remastering, Amrod's Brand 1970 LP, "On the Playground"
  Ongoing tech support for Magix 'Sound Forge Pro' audio software
~   'Line in the Street' ~ documentary, audio post
  FOH sound mixer ~ The Amazing Willies (band)
  FOH sound mixer ~ The Sole Survivors (band)
  FOH sound mixer ~ Regroup
  The Healing Field, Penny Price Media ~ PBS (TV)
  King Cobra ~ (Movie)
  Inovative Busness ~ Verizon FIOS (TV)
  The Tyrant & the Army of Sin ~ (Movie)
  The Dance ~ (Movie)
  Mi America ~ (Movie)
  Love Sick Love ~ (Movie)
  Persephone ~ (Movie)
  In My Skin ~ (Movie)
  Beyond Iconc - Dennis Stock ~ PBS (TV )
  The Art of the UDU Drum ~ Making the Udu (TV )
  The Art of the UDU Drum ~ Playing the Udu (TV )
  Baseball's Golden Age ~ MSG (TV)
  Extreme Living ~ HGTV #109 - Super Saucer (TV )
  Building Character ~ HGTV #25 -Catskill Church (TV)
  The Divorce Process ~ NYSBA - PS (TV)
  Abundant Blessings ~ S. Dakoda UCC (Corporate)
  South Dakoda - Dept of Torism Ad (TV)
  Shinning Soul, Helen Keller's Legacy ~ PBS (TV)
  Canadian Idol - Tony Bennett (TV)
  Canadian Idol - John Legend (TV)
  Canadian Idol - Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora (TV)
  Bannana Republic ~ (Corporate)
  Bought and Sold ~ BME Albany (TV)
  Home Enlightenment ~ HGTV (TV)
  All You Need Is Art ~ NLTV (TV)
  Marion's Triumph; Surviving Holocaust ~ PBS (TV)
  Iron Yoga ~ Hallmark
  Cold Pizza- Ice climbing ~ ESPN (TV)
  UCC General Synod 24 (FOH & webcast mix)
  PETA (Corparate)
  SUNY ~ University at Albany Ad (TV)
  Amistad Rising/Reborn ~ NBC/Hallmark (TV)
  Swedenborg's Quest for Insight ~ PBS (TV)
  Who Do We Say We Are ~ (Corparate)
  Joy Easter Special ~ ABC (TV)
  An American Christmas ~ CBS (TV)
  Omega Presents-1998 & 99 Series ~ Wisdom Net (TV)
  Yes In My Backyard ~ PBS (TV)
  America's Most Scenic Railway Journeys ~ PBS (TV)
ABC TV Easter special, /cRick, at FOH mix, RI convention center
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